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Ben Walmsley Regional VP Northern Europe Sizmek

How can brands ensure that they are using rich media on mobile in the most effective way?

According to comScore more digital time is spent on mobile or tablet than on desktop.  The double-edged sword for advertisers is that smaller screens mean more individual attention, but it also means that your advert needs to be attention worthy or the audience will move on.

There are a few simple tricks to get users’ attention and keep it.  Display different adverts based on where a person is and what they’re doing at that time of day, using Geoproximity.  But don’t just show them the closest location.  This is about considering what specific use cases come into play when a person looks at their phone.  Use dynamic creative so that you display messaging and creative relevant to where the user is and what is most interesting to them. People want personalisation and relevance.  

Follow up with users who have visited your site and abandoned a shopping cart.  Don’t pester them – just give them a nudge. Show them a variety of adverts that have creative with different options of products or offers. Using dynamic creative, you can test and try combinations until you find the ones that resonate with various audiences.

Rich media and video are proven winners in engagement for digital users. The problem for mobile is that the small screen requires most interactivity to happen after a consumer is enticed to interact with an advert. Use dynamic creative to overcome this, and get the right advert that will compel the user to engage even further. 

Where a user is located when viewing mobile makes a difference on what experience they need. Are they sitting at a pub, waiting for someone?  Are they watching TV and looking at their tablet?  How do you design an advert that appeals to the various time- and location-based scenarios?   Designers need to take this into account and provide multi-situational creative for your adverts.  Rich media creative gives brands the ability to show users a full spectrum of messaging and branding.

Research has shown that users will give a site an average of 10-20 seconds before they will either take an action or leave the page. That’s about how long it took to read that previous sentence. Your design needs to have succinct messaging that can be seen and understood in the 10 seconds you have their attention to drive them deeper into the experience. 

Great creative is science and art; utilize a good ad serving technology and you can maximize which adverts are displayed based on their performance.