“To achieve true personalisation is to be able to offer value to customers at any time they need it” – Talking Digital with Lynn Tan, Strategic Marketing & Demand Generation Manager at a leading Fortune 500 Global Logistics Company

What is the biggest challenge facing the digital industry and why?


The biggest challenge today is the paradox of choice. With so many different digital offerings today to enable and empower the buyer (and seller), rather than making decision making easier, there are added layers of complexities we need to deal instead.

This also creates challenges for brand teams when aligning with their internal stakeholders in IT, sales, and marketing.

Being eternal optimists, we are still on the lookout for the “next-great-thing”, hopefully also a one-stop solution to all our digital marketing needs, but that just isn’t realistic.

Digital marketers also need to be attuned to market changes, tech and general news, as these can derail plans quite quickly. For example, Google’s decision to replace third-party cookies.



What excites you? What do you think will be the next ‘gamechanger’ in digital marketing?


I think personalisation will continue to be a focal point in digital marketing. Marketers are not doing it as well as we want to, in terms of truly seamless customer personalisation. Yes, data privacy can still be a roadblock, but to achieve true personalisation is to be able to offer value to customers at any time they need it. It is a delicate balance being technical and creative. Personalisation must be both intelligent and non-intrusive.



What burning question would you like to ask other industry experts?


As marketers, we are always focused on both acquisition and retention of business, but don’t hear much about regaining lost business. Is there untapped potential within this segment of customers or a lost cause?



What is the buzzword or phrase you’d like to ban forever?


Influencer marketing – just call them KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and re-categorize into comms/leadership. At the end of the day, buyers know that they are speaking for your brand, so leverage them as you would a thought leader/advocate within your brand. To influence requires longer tail efforts, and I just don’t see how a touch-and-go approach can address that. Nurture your KOLs and make them your advocates for sustainability and credibility.



What do you wish you’d known 10 years ago?


That having IT/tech knowledge would serve me well as a marketer!



How did you start your career? How has your role evolved?


I started my career in agencies – running events (and designing creatives), to comms and marketing on the brand side. My role has shifted significantly in the past 6 – 7 years when I was given the opportunity to work on commercial targets, in close collaboration with sales and operational teams. This pivot drove me to think and plan more strategically to business drivers, and having the privilege to see how marketing contributes to our growth.



How do you manage work/life balance? How do you unwind?


I try to get some physical activities in and away from the computer. Nature walks, runs, boxing, bouldering, etc. Just to get up and move. Otherwise, it’s playtime with my cats and also online shopping. (I am a huge contributor to eCommerce growth in the region.)



What is your lifelong passion away from work?


I always believe in giving back to the community. On weekends, I put several hours each week into volunteerism. For the past year (almost), I was able to contribute my working knowledge/operational experience to Engineering Good, where I support the team in Assistive Technology workshops, and volunteer recruitment.



What can’t you live without?





What else should we know about you? / Final thoughts?


I am always up for a coffee and/or chat if you would like to pick my brains for any ideas about marketing or other ventures. I am also working on getting my accreditation as an organisational coach, hoping to bring this to the next gen of professional superstars, to help them tap into their personal powers and achieve anything they set their sights on.

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Lynn Tan
Strategic Marketing & Demand Generation Manager at a leading Fortune 500 global logistics company

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