“Burger King has delivered a global, multi-platform, premier league ad campaign with associated affiliate marketing, community building and UGC all for league two budget. Brilliant” – Talking Digital with Stefan Britton, Commercial Director at Datasine

What do you think will be the next ‘gamechanger’ in digital marketing?


The alternative to targeting. For too long, targeting monopolized marketing with tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok enabling marketers to target on all manner of demographic and behavioural attributes. However, consumers’ demand for privacy and the slow demise of third-party data means targeting won’t be the focus and creative will be. Anything that can contribute to the enhancement of creativity will be the next gamechanger.

I believe it means we’re in for a future of better, more creative, more thoughtful marketing. Audience segmentation is relevant to a point, but brands spend millions monitoring and analysing audience demographics and behaviours to such a granular degree that they are just shouting at an ever-decreasing echo chamber. It turns out that consumers want a website to work easily on a mobile regardless of whether they are a 42 year old, jazz-loving, woman, who recently purchased a book on yoga, or a man with one leg on a farm in France. I'm looking forward to us moving away from over-engineered audience targeting and getting back to great products that solve real problems being presented with great creativity.


What’s the most interesting digital campaign you’ve seen recently?


I always find myself talking about Burger King. I loved the Whopper on the Bus campaign, I loved the hidden Big Mac campaign and I thought their ads with rotten burgers was brave, intelligent and thought-provoking, even if it wasn't pretty.

This time they have used the power of the gaming community to ensure they have the world’s best football players wearing the Burger King logo, without having to compete for eye share with other major brands.

BK sponsored an extremely unsexy league two side, Stevenage in the real world because they knew they could get global exposure in the gaming world through the planet’s highest selling football game Fifa20. By encouraging gamers to play with the club, sign big-name players and share any success on social media, they tapped into the online gamer community and soon had the world’s best players wearing the Burger King Logo. So far over 25,000 goals scored by Stevenage in the game have been posted online and the team quickly became the most used in FIFA's career mode.

Burger King has delivered a global, multi-platform, premier league ad campaign with associated affiliate marketing, community building and UGC all for league two budget. Brilliant.


What burning question would you like to ask other industry experts?


Do you want a demo of Datasine?


Digital marketers often talk about the value exchange. Do you think consumers appreciate the concept?


'You give me your email address, we give you some content' isn't as great an exchange as we often think it is. Consumers are way smarter than we give them credit for and know if they are getting value and what to do if they are not. We need to be more honest with what we consider an exchange.


What is the buzzword or phrase you’d like to ban forever?


‘Disruptive’ means nothing if you don’t tell us what you’re disrupting, how you are disrupting and why.


What is your lifelong passion away from work?


The outdoors. I feed every creature that walks, crawls or flies through my garden and I try and spend as much time on the sea, running up a hill or camping in a field as possible.


Do you have any hidden talents? Party trick?


I'm great at instigating a text conversation and then not replying for weeks. My friends love that about me.


If you could retire to anywhere in the world right now, where would you choose?


Depending on my mood either an uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland or a Mediterranean Island with white sand and a chilled beach bar. Either way it needs to be near the sea.


What else should we know about you?/Final thoughts?


I'm typing this with one hand because there is a cat asleep on my arm and I’ll probably have to work like this all day now.

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Commerical Director

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