Employee Engagement Masterclass

Join senior HR professionals from leading brands for an interactive half-day conference designed to showcase the latest tools, tech and trends in the employee engagement space. Update your knowledge, get ahead of your competition, master HR

Mar 11, 2020
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LONDON - Royal Society of Chemistry Piccadilly
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Free for senior HR representatives from leading brands
Keynote Speaker
George Sergent
Partner & Manager Appeals

I have been co-owner, Partner and employee, of the John Lewis Partnership for over 25 years. I have enjoyed seven very different careers during this time, working in shop leadership, fashion buying, IT, dotcom, organisational change and more recently as an HR specialist in our independent directorate, in place to scrutinise and provide the checks and balances to leadership in how they are leading, rather than what they are delivering.

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This event is not a traditional conference! The Employee Engagement Masterclass will help HR leaders understand the latest trends in employee engagement, ranging from the latest tech tools to creating an enriching environment and a culture of workplace engagement. During the first hour of the event, you will hear five case study filled presentations, that are capped at 10 minutes each to cut out the waffle. The following two hours are dedicated to roundtable discussions, designed to enable HR leaders from the most influential brands to share knowledge in a collaborative and interactive environment. Once your mind is filled with new ideas, our brand keynote will deliver an insightful and inspirational case study presentation to close the event.

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Employee Engagement Masterclass
LONDON - Royal Society of Chemistry Piccadilly
Mar 11, 2020
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Audience sizes are limited to just 40 people, so you benefit from richer more fruitful conversations, and enjoy content that’s better tailored to your needs.

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More than 60% of each event is dedicated to roundtable discussions, where your questions and challenges can be addressed by experts.

Zero Waffle

Each expert’s presentation lasts no longer than 10 minutes, so you get to the good stuff faster, and learn what you need to quicker.

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