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Data & Analytics Masterclass


Why should you attend

The Data & Analytics Masterclass in Chicago will explain how to harness the power of big data to arrive at a granular, 360-degree view of the customer, so that you can target and reward your most loyal customers, and know which ones to stop chasing.

The Masterclass will explore how data can be used to inform every part of the customer journey, so that your communications are more relevant and, hence, more effective. It will also look at how organisations can adapt to the multi-channel, cross-device world the modern consumer lives in, recognizing the same customer across different channels to and creating the appropriate marketing content for each channel.

At the free to attend, half-day event, delegates will hear from data and analytics experts during brief initial presentations, before moving to a more in-depth consultation during the round-table discussions. In addition, a leading brand will give a keynote about its own digital marketing journey.

Wed, 19th June 2019
Free to attend


  1. Matt Day

    Strategic Analytics Manager


    Matt has built a career around delivering simple and intuitive analytics solutions to seemingly complex problems.

    Since joining MillerCoors, Matt has provided thought leadership and analytical rigor as a key strategic partner to both the Sales and Marketing organizations, helping brands including Coors Light, Miller Lite and Blue Moon drive additional revenue.

    Prior to MillerCoors, Matt spent a decade in Market Research working in a variety of roles across the Kantar organization developing and selling scalable analytics solutions to CPG companies worldwide.


  1. 08:30 – 09:00

    Registration & Networking

  2. 09:00 – 10:00

    Expert presentations

  3. 10:00 – 12:15

    Roundtable discussions

  4. 12:15 – 12:30


  5. 12:30


Miles Williams

Ask the Expert

Miles Williams CMO Movable Ink

We asked

Why do you need to make your emails contextual?

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Low Res Studio
1821 W Hubbard St #203, 
Chicago, IL 60622


Latest News

  1. 13:26 - 14th May 2019

    Sears is registered to attend the Data Analytics Masterclass in Chicago on June 19th, 2019.

  2. 13:26 - 14th May 2019

    Abbott is registered to attend the Data Analytics Masterclass in Chicago on June 19th, 2019.

  3. 13:26 - 14th May 2019

    Live Nation is registered to attend the Data Analytics Masterclass in Chicago on June 19th, 2019.


The roundtables are an opportunity to get in-depth consultations from each of the expert speakers, asking the questions that matter to your company.

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