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Craig Mathewson Business Development Manager Akero

Do your clients trust you? Three ways to build a strong relationship between your agency and its clients

We know agencies are doing amazing work to innovate how their clients keep ahead of the competition. However, the evolving digital landscape of ever increasing platforms and algorithms not only provides the opportunity to try new things but also brings the harder task of selling in new concepts to clients, for fear of being unable to track ROI effectively. In fact, a survey by Marketing Week found that only 29% of clients were positive that their agencies deliver cost efficiency. 

The same survey found that 67% of marketers rank trust as the top attribute they look for in an agency partner, however agencies aren’t necessarily delivering on this; just 15% of clients believe agencies deliver on trust. 

Couple this with the fact that in 2017, marketing budgets stalled as marketers failed to prove ROI, and it’s fair to say that agencies are operating in a more difficult marketplace than ever. 

With all this in mind, it’s more important than ever before for agencies to gain the trust of their clients (and prospective clients). Here’s how...

1. Ask “what does good look like?”

Find out what your client’s expectations are, and agree on a set of objectives. This usually starts with a main conversion (such as a purchase), but along the way there will be ‘micro-conversions’ which help advance people towards that main goal. This could be a follow on social media, subscribe to email newsletters, form submission or live chat, for example. These micro-conversions help you to define what good looks like to your clients, so that you can effectively report back, measure your touchpoints and track smaller outcomes.

2. Nurture 

Ensure the campaigns you run capture leads at every opportunity using landing pages and forms, so that you can nurture prospects towards the campaign’s goal using marketing automation. Once somebody has been captivated enough to give you their information, don’t let them go cold and forget about your client or go to a competitor. Keep their interest piqued by continuing to engage with them with clever automated workflows, that uses the information provided by the capture form, the lead source or email clicks/opens to tailor the comms to the individual prospects needs. 

3. Track, optimise and prove ROI

Track all marketing activity from first touchpoint to an agreed outcome, so that it’s easy to demonstrate what activity is working and what isn’t. Use a tool that tracks in real time, so that you can optimise campaigns accordingly to reduce ad spend, maximise performance, and increase conversions.  By tracking clicks from both paid and organic digital touchpoints, agencies are able to report on marketing spend and measure ROI as accurately as possible, ultimately building trust with their clients.