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Kristen Dunleavy Content Marketing Manager Movable Ink

How are Fashion Retailers using Contextual Email Marketing?

Picture this: It’s August and you’re splurging on a new bathing suit for a weekend getaway at your local beach. You’re buying online to take advantage of next-day shipping. Shortly after you hit the “order” button, you receive an email…

“Hi, [You]!

Thanks for your recent purchase. Why not bundle up in our new line of down jackets?”


In both marketing and retail, one size does not fit all.

As a fashion retailer, sending impersonal content is a fast-track to annoying your customers and delivering a poor buying experience. It’s also a big part of the reason why the average person’s inbox contains 260 unopened emails – 56% of which are from brands.


Considering that more than 75% of email revenue comes from campaigns triggered by subscribers’ actions, fashion retailers can’t afford not to take advantage of contextual marketing. Here’s how fashion retailers are using contextual email to deliver amazing experiences.

Why contextual marketing?

Contextual marketing is all about getting the right content to the right people at the right time, and avoiding scenarios like the down jacket debacle above. For fashion retailers, contextual marketing is the best way to ensure you’re delivering the right products to the right people while strengthening your customer’s relationship with your brand along the way.

Here are five ways fashion brands are taking advantage of contextual marketing... To read the full article by Kristen at Movable Ink, click here