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Dominic Shillingford Digital Consultant Stackla

How to Make Your Content Authentic and Actionable

“Shoppable content” or connecting content with a direct, seamless path to purchase, is transforming eCommerce.

However, it’s no secret that creating good, relevant content is time consuming and often expensive to produce regularly, especially if you’re outsourcing slick photoshoots or buying stock photos.

Fortunately, there’s an existing goldmine of compelling content that can help brands rapidly scale and promote content efforts. User-generated content (UGC) is the 2.5 billion daily photos, videos and posts people freely share on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – and it’s easier to find, sort and make this content actionable than you think.

UGC is authentic and trusted. It’s powerful social proof that’s proven to influence buying behaviour. According to Gartner, 81 percent of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts. 

Customers are 6x more likely to purchase a product if the product page includes pictures from social media.

This phenomenon is not limited to retailers or consumer products. In travel and tourism, experience is everything. 83 percent of travelers use social networking, video or photo sites as online sources of travel inspiration and validation. 

For brand marketers, it’s letting your customers do the advertising for you...click here to find out how Kathmandu and Absolut Elyx are driving conversions and sales with shoppable content.