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Jessica Reid Product Marketing Manager - Brand Safety Grapeshot

Making The Connections That You Didn't Know Existed

The Power of Contextual Intelligence in the Digital Landscape 

Context is notionally understood, but easier to grasp once it’s taken away. It is then, that you really begin to see it all around you. When defining context we talk about the relationship between a piece of content and the environment in which it sits. This allows us to gather a greater understanding of what is happening in the world around us. From the consumer's point of view, it might be the only chance you get to engage with that customer at the right moment...and you got the wrong one. Relevance is evolving at the pace of consumers, not brands, and with that, you are no longer able to put a message out there and expect consumers to engage in a predictable way. The consumer's opinion of the product is altered by the environment in which they see it, and getting that connection right is now more important than ever.

Relevance means something different today, with consumer culture having changed how businesses and brands operate. Thanks to legislations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have hit a crescendo where consent hinges on value, and if you don’t give it, you won't get consent in return. The changing times present an opportunity to redefine and rediscover value to understand how to effectively bring it and give audiences a reason to engage. 

The most powerful way of delivering the right message is in the right environment. As consumer attention is fragmented across devices and channels, finding that environment becomes harder than ever. So, how are these audiences discovered? By connecting to the moments that you didn’t know existed. The beauty of contextual intelligence is that it applies focus to the environment, and not directly on the consumer. It is about finding the trends and connections that you didn’t know existed by understanding the content around which your message is being sent. When you are in the right moment, consumers resonate with your brand, providing the opportunity to directly drive brand lift.

But the problem with that is that just because it may be one of the right moments for the consumer, it isn't always the right environment for the brand. With loyalty being a critical metric for brands who hang their hat on things like customer retention, considering things such as brand safety becomes really important. Scandals, bad PR, and wasted spend on hostile content assets are all risks for brands, yet the real risk lies in the potential loss of overall reputation and the breach of trust between the brand and the consumer. Relevance is constantly evolving, so being able to dynamically understand moments while effectively mitigating risk is really valuable. 

Consumers are out there making decisions. Figuring out what a consumer wants is challenging, and finding them at the right moment is even harder - and when you do, it may not be safe for your brand. As you are trying to gain reach and achieve brand extension, if you focus on connecting your products and message with the right environments, the likelihood is that your customers will connect with you.