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Mark Williams Head of Search iCrossing

A ‘Total’ Approach to Search

"Are we as brands thinking like our target audience within search?"

"Have we setup our search marketing team for success within search?" 

"Are we taking actions to improve our overall search campaign?"

These are some of the questions that I asked at Masterclassing’s Search Masterclass, and are questions we encourage both our clients and teams to ask on a regular basis. I found the opportunity to take a step back with a number of brands and look at their overall search campaign refreshing and thought provoking. Taking a step-back to review your overall search strategy is integral to ensuring your campaigns are joined up and not just following the old industry norms.

We’re at a cross-roads within search where the marketplace is fragmenting and users are increasingly following many different routes to find what they are looking for. Whether it is browsing for their latest purchase through Amazon, image searching through Pinterest or voice searching through Google, Alexa or Siri. Now more than ever we need to think like the search user and ensure our brands are visible through every stage of their journey to purchase. We must understand the search landscape in totality, not in silo, and respond accordingly. That means considering anywhere that search may happen, through any input method, on any device, through any provider and at any stage of their consumer journey.

In the last year we’ve also seen major changes and fluctuations in Google, with 2016 seeing the tipping point in which mobile became the dominant search platform. These dramatic changes have led to a change in the split of traffic between SEO and PPC, with increased paid competition for transactional based keywords. To tackle this challenge brands need to consolidate their PPC & SEO teams into a combined team, to maximise the value of search as a total entity. They must have one singular objective for their search campaign, with a single, combined, strategy to achieve it.

Finally, taking day to day actions to improve the total performance of your search campaign, rather than simply PPC or SEO performance in siloes, will lead to overall performance increases in search. These actions can include testing (to ensure that your paid search investment is generating incremental search revenue), optimising landing pages for search (ensuring that messaging is joined up within search) or taking a combined approach to keyword research. Giving your search team practical day to day deliverables and actions ensures that this combined thinking produces tangible business outcomes.

We call this approach ‘Total Search'. It’s an exciting and developing platform for brand success within search and is delivering incredible results for our clients. 

To find out how we can deliver superior results for your business through Total Search drop us an email to results@icrossing.co.uk.