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Chris Sugrue Senior Content Strategist Falcon.io

What’s the Secret Sauce in Social Media Advertising?

Most marketers don’t need to be told that pay-and-spray tactics just don’t cut it anymore. Social feeds are overcrowded and we are all just plain sick of ads.

But there is a lifeline for marketers: Consumers are more open to personalized advertising than you may think – you just have to go that extra mile to be relevant to them.

The lifeline: personalization

Adobe found that 78% like personalized ads. A Yahoo study concurred, adding that consumers find them more engaging (54%), educational (52%), time-saving (49%) and memorable (45%) than general-audience ads.

social ad targeting

So how do you go about it?

Retargeting – effective, but take it easy

Social ad targeting based on individuals’ online behavior is an effectively simple form of personalization, but it can end up going the creepy route if limitations aren’t in place. It’s true that too blatant an appropriation of a prospect’s web history will only inspire ad-blocker googling. The key is personalization coupled with a healthy dose of moderation.

Thankfully both Facebook and Twitter can help you out. Frequency caps keep audiences from continually seeing the same ads. Custom Audience segmentation or exclusions help you do the same. You will also save money by not targeting earlier conversions.

A good tip with retargeting is to put a Facebook pixel in your emails and then retarget the people who open with a personalized paid ad.

Know your audience!

It’s not just who you are targeting; success often rides on when and where. Ultimately, the more you know about your audience, the more effectively you can target them.

Our Falcon Audience is where brands can store and contextualize all their social media customer interactions into personalized profiles, which can be synced with CRM data.

Audience in Falcon continually enriches profiles with fresh social interactions.

Personalization: maximize your social advertising ROI

To be a relevant and therefore welcome presence in their feeds takes a new approach and it hinges on data. The more data points you have on your audience, the better you can understand how to target it more effectively – and ultimately add a lot more bang to your social media advertising buck. An audience will still tolerate advertisers in their personal feeds, as long as they see something of themselves looking back.

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