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Solving the Challenge of Fleet Electrification Webinar

In 2021, the UK government released its first ever transport decarbonisation plan. This includes a heavy focus on the electrification of road transport. The EV transition is firmly under way.


Local authorities have an increasingly important role to play in enabling an effective and fair transition to net-zero transport, particularly for the public service fleets that they operate. However, electrification of fleets comes with some technical, financial and integration challenges. How much power is needed and what is the best way to access this power? How is the cost of the transition to be funded? What happens to EV batteries at the end of their life? What charging technology is most suitable? What is the best electric vehicle to suit individual requirements and how will fleet operators ensure the vehicles always have the charge they need to run reliably?


Our partner Zenobē are at the forefront of this transition. Join us on this Webinar and hear the answers to these questions along with the lessons learnt from their experience following the provision of the charging infrastructure, fleet management software and battery financing solution for over 500 buses, LCVs and HGVs across the UK.

Oct 21, 2021
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UK - Online Event
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Join us for this Webinar that is intended for senior Fleet professionals across the UK. The session will begin at 10.00am BST.
Keynote Speaker
Bradley Fox
Business Development Director

Bradley’s role is to work with fleet operators to develop an EV fleet solution package that works best for them. He also leads the Zenobē team on procuring and optimising the finance to support the comprehensive commercial offer. Bradley has over 10 years of experience in front office roles in corporate and investment banking with specialisms in structured asset finance and relationship management. He has previously worked at Santander, Lloyds Bank and Barclays having executed a range of complex financing structures across many sectors for large corporates. He has a first-class BSc degree in business and management from the University of Nottingham.

Keynote Speaker
Mungo Fawcett
Business Development Associate

Mungo is part of the business development team, focusing on the roll-out of electric vehicles. He has experience working in the biomass sector and in originating solar, wind and hydro investment opportunities for the fund managers. Mungo has a BSc in Physics from Edinburgh University.

Past Attendees

Event Information

The 'Solving the Challenge of Fleet Electrification' Webinar will provide a holistic overview of the electrification process and highlight how a partnership approach is critical to optimising the transition to EV.


This session will consist of a presentation from our partner, Zenobē, followed by an interactive discussion with the speakers and those attending.



Key takeaways include:


  • The many different aspects to consider when electrifying a fleet

  • The financing solutions available to enable the transition to EV

  • The vast potential for EV batteries in their second-life

  • How to access the required power to charge the fleet in the most effective way

  • Why software is key to managing electric fleets

Show agenda

9:55am - 10:00am
Check-in & Welcome
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10:00am - 10:35am
Solving the Challenge of Fleet Electrification
Bradley Fox, Business Development Director, Zenobē and Mungo Fawcett, Business Development Associate - Zenobē
10:35am - 11:00am

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Solving the Challenge of Fleet Electrification Webinar
UK - Online Event
Oct 21, 2021
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