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Colin Grieves General Manager Experian

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Is Programmatic Advertising the Future of Digital Advertising?

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    25th Aug 2015 Singapore
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    25th Aug 2015 Singapore
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    8th Sep 2015 London
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  1. 12:36 - 28th Jul 2015

    Mark Challinor, digital wizard and president at INMA will be presenting the keynote at Digital Brand Masterclass in Sydney on September 15.

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  2. 12:18 - 28th Jul 2015

    Tom Bird, Head of Digital at BCA is set to be the brand keynote for Digital Brand Masterclass in London on September 8.

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  3. 10:44 - 28th Jul 2015

    Antony Robbins, Director of Communications at the Museum of London will be the keynote speaker for Digital Non-Profit Masterclass in London on November 17

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