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Nigel Newton VP Canada Blippar

How can the entertainment industry use visual marketing?

In a world where connections are fleeting, our days are filled with moments where brands cross our paths. We intersect, experience (or often ignore), and move along. Sometimes those movements are fulfilling, providing information, aiding or assisting us to move forward. Others give us pause, extending the moment by engaging us with compelling content that helps us do things, entertains, rewards or satisfies our curiosity. Of all the myriad of moments in our day these are the memorable moments.

Exceeding expectations provides the opportunity to deepen and extend the engagement. When a Coca-Cola can carries a Spotify logo and the offer “Blipp to Bring Your Can to Life”, there’s just an inkling of what may come about. When the can is wrapped in a headphone graphic and a recognizable top 10 track begins to play, the unexpected kicks in and the static product becomes a living brand experience.


When media constantly broadcasts messages, sharpening the focus on its target with increasing accuracy, our receptors become more adept with shielding us. With viewability considered successful at 50%, those push messages need to be hyper relevant and disarmingly appealing to engage their intended audience. When X-men add the image of the leading characters to the pizza delivery box, on the surface it’s one more media image added to the assault. To a movie lover, sci-fi aficionado and X-men fan, it’s an alluring touch point that works on their passion with a welcome invitation. As the box lid animates to reveal the key cast members and an opportunity to explore, the push has turned into a pull with the consumer giving their permission to be pulled into another world. Broadcast push times of 30 secs, out-of-home averaging 7 secs, magazines 2 secs, mobile and web banner ads in the sub-seconds range. Average engagement time with Blippar: 75 seconds.

Find the right connection point for your brand and your product becomes the gateway to consumer engagement.

Nigel Newton, VP Canada, Blippar


Passion among fans is legendary in the world of sports, none more than in the world of soccer where allegiances to teams and players are played out for 90 minutes around an emerald lawn and yet resonate through their daily lives until the next game. Adding six of the renowned players to their Pepsi cans along with an invitation to “Be Part of the Action with Pepsi” and recognizing fan behavior by adding “Can’t wait for kick off? Unlock unbelievable football content now”, taps into the fan allegiance for the beautiful game. Rewarding their passion with a familiar soundtrack, animation of soccer skills and the invitation to play an in-app game created a huge response among soccer fans and Pepsi drinkers. During the promotion period last summer, Pepsi UK received more blipps on its cans than visits to its website. Find the right connection point for your brand and your product becomes the gateway to consumer engagement. No need to spend media budgets on search pushing out to seek an audience, let the consumers come to your brand.


Placing digital entertainment into a physical product using visual marketing has the power to engage its audience in a naturally responsive way, working to maximize brand allegiances with the entertainment medium – music, film or game – and turn a static product into a compelling experience. Deepening the conversation, providing excitement with a unique experience delivers the value that make the moments stand out from the functional and makes them truly memorable. 


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