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Johan Guerin Head of International Sales iAdvize

Are Chatbots the solution to a positive customer experience?

Today, more than ever, artificial intelligence is at the heart of all conversations revolving around online customer experience. A few years ago, chatbots and artificial intelligence were perceived as not efficient enough. But, since the Facebook announced the launch of their own bot store on the Messenger platform, they are seen as a powerful customer experience tool.

AI, chatbots and machine learning are undoubtedly driving change within every single industry and will for certain lead to job changes: new roles and titles that don’t even exist yet, each of them needed in tandem to the robot workers.

However, even the most advanced artificial intelligence has an IQ score roughly equivalent to the one of a 4-year-old. And of course, companies are not likely to entrust their customer service to a 4-year-old. But the most important problem of artificial intelligence is that, as it’s indicated in its name, it’s artificial. Humans are driven by their emotions. And emotions are precisely the most complex issue for AI as they are really difficult to simulate. Consequently, the most important challenge for artificial intelligence is to acquire deep knowledge. For now, deep knowledge is owned by experts who exchange experiences and best practices with their peers. That’s what makes their knowledge so unique, it’s fieldwork!

And that’s what we do at iAdvize. We use technology and humans for the smartest solutions. Our bank of flexible experts know and understand the areas they are available to chat about on behalf of a business – and they earn extra cash for doing so. It’s a win-win.

They are passionate advocates for their niche interests, about the products they enjoy and love and they have experiences and real stories that no machine learning can ever reproduce. This means they are best placed to be available to consumers to guide them through a purchase or troubleshoot an issue, in a way that no Chatbot or traditional customer service rep can do.

For example, imagine you’re someone who works all day and wants to make a purchase late in the evening. You spend time doing your research and then get to that point of purchase only to have another nagging doubt that can’t be swayed by online reviews. You want to ask a human for advice but your friends and family are asleep. And posting the question on social media won’t necessarily get an instant response at that time of night. You can’t call most online stores’ customer service lines because they are closed. And the chatbot that could answer your question in a fully human-interactive way is still yet to be invented. So you go to sleep without making that purchase.

However, with iAdvize, the process is different. Companies have access to expert advice on hand 24/7 to offer to their customers. This expert converts that purchase in seconds, being a human voice helping the consumer through the final stages of the process.

We call it ‘ibbü‘, and this is our take on ubiquity. All of our products help companies advise the consumer wherever they are and whenever and at any time of the day or night. And that ultimately produces extra revenue that otherwise may have been lost. A customer who has received advice from an ibbü expert is 10 times more likely to purchase an item.

So while digital will always have a role to play in terms of bringing two sides together when they need to talk and gain an answer, only companies that emphasise human interaction alongside futuristic tech will be the ones who can convert humans to buy or take an action.