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Kate Parker UK Marketing Manager Mynewsdesk

​#100Million: Brands Need To Give A Beep About Storytelling

Storytelling. It’s a part of our DNA and it’s been that way for, well, for forever. Passion is what drives us. Even if our narratives are fictional, we strive to find meaning in the absurd, trying to restore order amongst the chaos. Storytelling is our way of making some sense of this mysterious world. It's what unites us. It gives us a common cause.

Communication is all about telling a good story well. And all of us in the PR and comms industry are storytellers, or at least, we should strive to be. 

This year, Mynewsdesk helped Hövding reach 100 million people with their story, Give A Beep - a campaign which highlighted the danger spots for cyclists in London and strived to make the city a safer place for cyclists and drivers alike. And sure, Mynewsdesk’s PR platform helped Hövding create and distribute their content and generate coverage from some of the most influential media, but it was story behind #GiveABeep that ensured they were heard by over 100 million people around the world.

Every brand has a story to tell but here are the things you need to keep in mind when creating yours... click here to continue reading