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Scotty Thomas Client Partner Tribe

5 Benefits of Using your Customers as your Creative Agency

Just a few years ago, marketers could get away with just a handful of visual assets to splash across across TV, radio, print and out-of-home advertising.

But, in this day and age, digital advertising requires endless variation and a constant stream of fresh content to keep up with social media’s high turnover.

Like TV, print and radio… Facebook is now pay to play. While ad volume stays the same, prices are now at a premium. In the not too distant future, we'll all look back on this time as the peak of digital advertising. 

Digital advertising in the current landscape requires endless variation and a constant stream of fresh content to keep up with social media’s high turnover. 

So, in this ever evolving online landscape, what’s the solution?

One concept, two words, endless possibilities: influencer marketing. Here are 5 benefits of turning your customers into your own creative agency!

1. Convenience

Traditionally, generating creative content for a marketing campaign was no cheap or easy feat. The time and money needed to generate high quality content starts to adds up when you’re investing in creative agencies, photographers, talent, not to mention the cost of studio time, flights, celebrity endorsements… All for one or two pieces of branded content. Now, brands can facilitate influencer marketing campaigns with 100 or more micro influencers for less time, less effort and merely a fraction of the cost.

You can create a brief within minutes, receive submissions within hours, and have a massive bank of branded content within days!

2. Variety

The real super-power of micro influencers is their ability to target precise audiences with precise messaging. While one ad set might work for fashion lovers and beauty gurus, the same content might not connect with foodies or fitness junkies.

Every individual influencer has a unique style, niche and audience, so by harnessing your own customers to produce your creative, you can generate a wide variety of content with just one brief!

But… variety is nothing without a constant supply.

3. Volume

On TRIBE, you can activate an army of influencers to go out and buy your product and craft and submit content to your direction, without any obligation to buy it.

It's like having 100 wedding photographers come to your wedding and only paying for the pics you love! By tapping into the creativity of your own customers, you can source a huge volume of content for much less effort, time and money.

Having a healthy bank of content up your sleeve not only keeps your social presence fresh and relevant, but keeps you ahead of the curve of ad fatigue.

4. Scale

With micro influencers, you can spread your marketing budget across multiple creators and multiple audiences, generating unprecedented reach and localised engagement.

While it’s no secret that celebrity influencers are much more visible, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more influential. Generally, influencers with smaller followings receive higher engagement on their posts – in fact, the smaller the tribe, the more potent the engagement!

5. Authenticity

One of the biggest benefits of micro influencers, is that they create authentic word-of-mouth marketing at scale – the holy grail of advertising since its inception. We all know that a recommendation from a trusted person is far more powerful than a message from the brand itself, and through the evolution of influencers into content creators, sponsored posts have turned into creative, personalised recommendations.

These recommendations build your brand’s narrative organically and authentically: when someone you know and trust recommends their favourite wine or ice cream or restaurant, it sticks. This is exactly what micro influencers do, but on a much larger scale!

Influencer marketing takes the storytelling out of your hands, and places it where it should be — with your customers. Real people, real recommendations, real results.