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Kaitlin Forbes Product Marketing Specialist StackAdapt

Combining Native, Video & Display for Campaign Success

When creating a well-rounded campaign strategy, it’s important to consider how users experience digital channels differently. As a holistic approach, execute your campaign across native, video and display.

All 3 channels have inherent strengths:

  • Video is great for telling complex or emotional stories, making it perfect for brand building. (68% of people would rather use video to learn about a product or service)

  • Native is amazing for selling brands with an educational story. (In 2019 62.7% of US digital display ad spending will be for native placements -- up from 58.3% in 2018)

  • Display is the workhorse -- use it to lift performance of other channels. (Ad spending is projected to be $97.18B in 2022 - more than doubling since 2017)

It’s important to incorporate native, display and video in your strategy, but you don’t want a disjointed campaign. We suggest building your campaign around your creatives to make your ads more impactful and engaging. A cohesive, cross-channel story allows you to effectively evaluate the success of your ads and targeting tactics.

When you’re creating your campaign with multiple channels, a suggested best practice is:

  1. Display
    • Use display to build awareness -- like a digital billboard. Display is highly viewable, so you’ll get exposure at a fraction of your budget.
  2. Video
    • Videos will reinforce the brand and product you’re promoting through display, in a highly entertaining format. This is one of the best ways to capture your prospects’ attention.
  3. Native
    • Use native to reiterate the message you’ve conveyed through display and video to drive engagement. For example, at the bottom of the funnel, retarget users with video completions of 50-75%, as well as those who clicked your banner. Or, use native ads to generate interest as a first touchpoint.

When these tactics are combined, you will offer an engaging experience for your target audience, and likely produce the best campaign results.