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Mike Anderson VP of Global Business Strategy Stackla

Driving Conversions Through the Power of Social Proof

Social media is no longer just about driving conversations; it’s about driving commerce. And social content – particularly images – are a powerful, authentic way to boost sales.
Customers are 6x more likely to purchase a product if the webpage includes pictures from social media, and 84 percent of Millennials say user-generated content (UGC) from strangers has at least some influence on what they buy.
People clearly want brands to provide them with real social proof throughout their online shopping experience, so why not give the people what they want?
Social Proof at Point-of-Purchase


Fashion footwear brand, Wanted Shoes, understood the potential power of social proof and decided to infuse the photos their enthusiastic customers were posting online into their eCommerce site.

Using Stackla’s user-generated content platform, they were able to curate, identify and tag specific products within customers’ social posts and feature them on individual product pages.

By showing their shoppers their shoes in real-life scenarios helped Wanted Shoes increase their web conversions by 30 percent.
Creating Shoppable Lookbooks


Outdoor adventure brand, Kathmandu, took a slightly different approach for the launch of their 2017 winter line of products by creating an online lookbook of interactive content for shoppers to explore as they would on their favorite social networks – something that’s been proven to improve web engagement metrics like time on site and pages per visit.
Kathmandu took this concept to the next level by using Stackla to make their online lookbook shoppable. By clicking into any of their dynamic images, shoppers can mouse over each ShopSpot to get not only a brief product description, but also a direct link to that product page – effectively shortening the path to purchase and improving conversion rates.

By supplementing your product images with the highly trusted and influential visual content your customers are already freely creating, you can give people the social validation they need when online shopping to improve web conversions and, ultimately, boost online sales.

About the Author
Mike Anderson is VP of Global Business Strategy at Stackla, the world's leading enterprise user-generated content marketing platform. Mike runs a global team which helps to ensure Stackla customers – such as McDonald’s, Toyota, Sony, Virgin Holiday, and the Michelle Obama Foundation – achieve the best possible ROI from their content strategy by putting customer stories at the heart of every digital touchpoint in their marketing mix.
Mike has been living and breathing the SaaS start-up life for 12+ years in London, Madrid, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, with a focus on strategy, business development, growth and sales.