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Cailin LaValle Product Marketing Manager Waze

The Evolution of Behavioral Targeting Types

One of the most significant benefits of digital marketing is the ability to precisely identify and target the right audience for your brand. Demographic and behavioral targeting continue to be the two dominant types of targeting, but both their prevalence and relevance continue to evolve. The idea that demographic characteristics such as age and gender are the best indicators of whether a person will respond to your marketing efforts is being phased out, notes PR firm Hotwire. Assuming that a millennial must like dance music, emojis, or Buzzfeed is an inefficient way to market. It can also be just plain offensive and may result in your brand being perceived as one that labels instead of understands. The shifting digital landscape can be tricky to navigate, but it also offers marketers some exciting opportunities to learn more about how to precisely target their audience and reach their consumers in surprising and effective ways.

Assuming that a millennial must like dance music, emojis, or Buzzfeed is an inefficient way to market.

Cailin LaVallee, Product Marketing Manager, Waze

Because it relies on the actions of an individual as opposed to group assumptions on preference, behavioral targeting can be a more accurate indicator than demographic targeting of how a brand will resonate with a person. Let's not forget—at the end of the day, consumers, audiences, and segments are actual people. Gaining an understanding of a person's interests through behaviors like search queries, downloaded apps, and social media activities results in a much richer, more complex story than just knowing their age, gender, or ethnicity. Pinterest is one of the strongest platforms out there for brands that want to execute interest-based campaigns in a seamless native environment based on search behavior and self-curated content. Brands can target about a dozen different audience types with video ads, notes Adweek.

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