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Alex Hughes Account Director ResponseTap

How call tracking can help reduce your PPC budget

If you manage PPC campaigns and you feel like your budget keeps creeping up, then you could have a whopping, phone-shaped sized hole in your analytics. Think Dom Joly. Or Wall Street circa 1985. Really, the gap could be that big.

At ResponseTap I speak to call-centric businesses all the time who just don’t appreciate how important call tracking is when it comes to optimising their PPC spend. If any of your conversions happen over the phone, then tracking the source of these calls is imperative to making your PPC budget work the hardest it can for you.

And here is why.


Before I started working at ResponseTap I worked in a digital marketing agency. I would often work with clients who were overlooking a lot of the data insights they had available to them, and admittedly it can be easy to forget about the basics. Factors such as time of day and location are often ignored. So, if you see that some places are performing better for you, then obviously you should be upping your spend there. But the problem is, if you’re not tracking phone calls coming into your business, you’ll never be able to accurately say how valuable your keywords are and how well your PPC campaigns are working. By putting as much data into your analytics as possible means that you can then make the most informed decisions possible and discover the real value of your phone calls.


Everybody knows you should never make assumptions with your PPC campaigns; you need evidence to support your beliefs. So, don’t ever just switch off a keyword because you think it seems overly expensive or isn’t converting as much as you would like. For example, you might have a keyword that converts perhaps 10% of the time online. But this keyword could be driving half of all the sales calls to your business. Blithely switching that keyword off would naturally result in much more than a 10% drop in conversions for you. But without access to phone call data you would never be able to ascertain why that had happened or take the necessary steps to prevent it. You would also never know that in fact you should be upping spend on those keywords, so you could increase conversions.


It’s one thing to know where your phone calls are originating from but discovering how much the calls are actually worth takes your reporting to the next level. With ResponseTap’s Smart Match tool you can add call revenue to your reports in seconds, with just a simple csv upload. This means you are able to give a clear value to each and every keyword and make adjustments in your strategy accordingly. You can find out more about Smart Match here.

Essentially without call data in your reporting stack you’re just stabbing in the dark trying to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. You could be turning off your highest performing keywords, or shaking a Magic 8-Ball. Which if you were in the audience for my talk at the Search Masterclass a couple of weeks ago, you’ll have been lucky enough to walk away with. You can call me Oprah.

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