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Tom Whitney European Sales Manager Crimson Hexagon

How can the Gaming and Gambling industry generate revenue from social sharing?

Social sharing is a versatile discipline that the gaming and gambling industry can and should use to boost revenue. As the online world continues to grow, consumers are becoming more involved with social media and other online activities, from building new business relationships to creating the ultimate fantasy football team.

Social sharing distributes content across the online world, making its way through users’ expansive online networks. This increases the potential impressions content makes, shifting your audience from website visitors to all of social media. With well-designed content, social sharing occurs rapidly and reaches many different audiences. Because the content can often be adapted from marketing and advertising campaigns, social sharing provides high returns at minimal costs. 

Pairing social sharing with social media analytics also allows you to hear consumers’ feedback and make adjustments, which can positively influence revenue. Social media is a valuable resource for businesses because it provides an open forum where consumers share their unadulterated opinions on branding, marketing campaigns, products, and more. Brands can take advantage of this data with social media analytics. Social media listening allows you to measure anything from sentiment and topics of conversations to audience interests and demographic characteristics. 

While conversation may appear on its own, brand presence is an important component of robust online conversation. Setting up a brand profile allows you to stimulate social sharing and keep track of brand engagement and followers. An active online presence will increase social sharing and moderate social media conversations by helping you to act quickly when potential crises are spotted. 

Engaging in and monitoring social sharing can also help you to spot new markets. Data on location, gender, and audience interests may expose potential customers that you had not previously catered for. Adapting marketing and branding to include these new audiences can also help to increase revenue by increasing the number of consumers interested in your gaming services. 

Finally, pairing social sharing and analytics will allow you to measure themes of conversation, a key resource for creating branding and products that will attract new and old customers. For instance, you can determine if your customers are interested in online gaming or brick-and-mortar casinos and how this may vary by gender, location, and audience interest. Supplying the right kind of venue will eliminate costly mistakes and allow you to meet the demands of your increasing customer base. Incorporate these themes into content for social sharing to get the most bang for your buck. 

Not only does social sharing spread your brand’s message - it helps you shape your branding, marketing content, and business plan to the demands and interests of your customers. Combined with social media analytics, social sharing can boost revenue from many angles, putting the odds in your favour.