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Sonya Latreille Jeans Director of Social Media & Communications Schwarzkopf Professional

How Social Marketers Earn a Seat at the Table

The goal: To bring awareness and credibility in an already saturated market, the brand had to take a different approach to get noticed. Here were the recipes for success.

Pre-seeding the market: We put money towards thanking our biggest fans. We worked with a company to rank who our biggest fans were and we flew six of them to Bel Air and treated them to our ‘#MoreVibrance’ branded dinner event and beach day. The product wasn’t on the market yet and the fans weren’t familiar with the actual product at the time, but we treated them to a beautiful experience. They ended up capturing the vibe and creating a huge amount of FOMO and curiosity in the market.

Sharing co-creating content in real time: We hired six influencers for a content shoot - two who were familiar with the brand and the rest who had no experience with the brand at all. We wanted this interaction to be authentic, so we never gave them the product and allowed them to learn on camera. We let them post in real-time which had amazing results. They brought their fans through their learning curve, they made mistakes and were vulnerable which created an unintentional movement.

Influencers creating content: The key to success was not telling the influencers what to do. We knew they were the experts and could do it better than us. They fell in love with the product and passionately spoke about the brand – and they killed it. The influencers created 1188+ posts and over 300% more content, which created almost $3 million in publicity.

Ongoing support: Influencers were the best money we could buy. They ended up teaching the product, talking through the product on Instagram Live, and did my team's work for us, and better. Their fans are continuing to be inspired by the content we produced.

The big win: Schwarzkopf Professional being ranked as a Top 10 Haircare Brand in the USA alongside brands like Dove and Redken. We walked away with strong relationships — and a bigger budget to play with.

Advice to social marketers: Take risks and believe in yourself! As soon as you think you figure it out, they’ve already moved the goal post. Find something that you like and start on a small idea with someone you respect. If they do something that can help you, work with them. Start small and build your confidence.