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Rishi Dave Chief Marketing Officer Dun & Bradstreet

The State of Sales Acceleration: Annual Trends & Perspectives from B2B Buyers & Sellers

The sheer quantity of data that can be analyzed and processed in real-time and immediately distributed in tools and applications is transforming the way sales and marketing is being managed. The approach is much more modern versus the old, static methods of outbound calling and prospecting that simply don’t drive the same results any more. Many are now referring to this as sales acceleration.

Sales acceleration is a discipline that delivers refined information to make business-to-business (B2B) data more current, connecting it with buying signals, and providing it with relevant context. It’s the key to increasing the yield of sales and marketing activities by surfacing information that’s up-to-date, connected, insightful, customized, accessible, and actionable.

But even as more sales and marketing teams leverage data and analytics to speed up the sales process, they still seem to be struggling to truly understand how to connect with their audience.

We surveyed over 300 B2B buyers and sellers from across the globe to get their thoughts on the current state of the B2B sales landscape. Download the report here to see what we discovered.