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Emily Son Marketing and Data Associate Masterclassing

Struggling to Be Seen in a Sea of Content


Photo Credit: Diane Dragan, Condé Nast

Content marketing has already proved itself to be a powerful tool for marketers to improve brand recognition, increase reach, engage and retain customers, and so much more. After all, everyone loves content they find interesting and useful- so, as long as you put out “good” content, you should be fine, right?

Wrong (or else this post would end in the first paragraph). Marketers know that content marketing is useful but still struggle over issues such as: knowing the type of content to post, creating interesting and authentic content, and maximizing reach and engagement on social media.

According to #Paid at our Content Marketing Masterclass in New York last December, these questions have already been answered through influencer marketing. Influencers are the warriors who effectively combat the challenges of content creation. After all, they already have so many followers because they create stunning content. If you collaborate with an influencer, they’ll tailor this content to your brand and share it with their audience, driving engagement and reach, much more so because they are trusted and well-liked. You can even re-purpose this content for your own brand’s social feed (recycling is good for the Earth).

However, don’t think that once you establish an influencer marketing strategy, your content marketing will be a breeze. As we all know, most relationships are not perfect. In Obvious.ly’s survey of 50 brands who worked with influencers, there are many struggles involved. When considering factors like identifying the influencer, coordinating with a contact, sourcing and shipping product, and troubleshooting, it took brands an average of 3 months and $14,200 in entry-level employee time to execute a 25-influencer campaign. Though making use of influencers seems very tempting, keep in mind it takes work.

All in all, influencer marketing is highly effective because it is authentic. You’re more likely to trust someone you know than a stranger. Ceros claimed that we are seeing a massive increase of content but a decrease in the engagement per piece of content. Always remember that the core of content marketing is to provide a benefit to the consumer- NOT to push a hidden agenda.

If you want another source of authentic content, look to what Olapic calls “earned content”, which is content that consumers are willing to give to a brand which you can re-purpose for your marketing efforts. Here’s a surprising statistic for you, according to Olapic’s founder Sabria, 70% of the time consumers are willing to have their photos featured by brands for free!

In the end, no matter what strategy you use for content marketing, the most important step is to USE IT. So many marketers are afraid of making errors that they are stuck in the same place. Not every piece of content works and that’s okay. As keynote Diane Dragan stressed, “Done is Better than Perfect”. What matters is that you keep the audience in mind and figure out how you can benefit them, and after trial and error, you’ll end up with the product.