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Jerrid Grimm Co-Founder Pressboard

Top 5 Content Marketing Trends for Brands in 2019

Whether you know it or not, your company is already doing content marketing. In fact, 60% of marketers say they make a new piece of content every day. It encompasses the posts we publish on social media and on our site; at the next level, it involves telling stories that inspire our customers and collaborating with publishers to reach greater and more targeted audiences.

With companies creating more content every year, it's important to take time to explore the growing trends we’re seeing in content marketing. Not only does it challenge us to make more engaging content, but seeing brands push the envelope is part of what inspired many of us (including me) to become a content marketer in the first place.

To help advertisers collaborate on more unique and innovative content in 2019, we’ve listed the hottest trends we expect to see much more of this year.

1. Content that shows instead of tells

Use your client’s products to create your content or help the characters in your story accomplish their goals. If you work with a software provider, for example, consider what problem their technology solves, and tell a story about someone overcoming that same problem. Or, use their product as the storytelling medium itself. Subtlety always wins when it comes to branded content, and it’s an excellent way to show your audience what your products can help accomplish.

2. More connections between editorial and sponsored

Publishers have incredible editorial programs that resonate with their readers, so why not capitalize on this by collaborating on popular, existing features? Look at publications with readerships that match your target audience, then ask if you can support one of their programs. You’d be surprised at how much great content already exists that you can align your brand with.

3. Fictional characters brought to life

When crafting content to promote a TV show, movie or other fictional creation, find a connecting thread between fiction and reality to add depth to the content. Do your characters live in an interesting city or have unique careers? Investigate what their life would look like in the real world and share those stories. This can be done by interviewing individuals with the real-life careers of those characters, taking a tour of the places this character would have lived, or even looking at the history of the character’s favorite whisky brand (we’re looking at you, Don Draper).

4. Brands using tentpole events to generate endless content

Seek out opportunities like events where you can collect content to use in a cohesive (and extensive) campaign. Decide what you want to create ahead of time, interview attendees and use their responses to develop all kinds of videos, industry analyses, advice-based pieces and more. Alternatively, create an extensive survey to send to your clients or vendors, and use the resulting data to create many different content pieces that you can share with your audience.

5. Greater investment in brand journalism

Journalists have been teasing emotional stories out of broad topics for decades, and that has carried over to branded content, too. Consider partnering with a publisher, writer or content agency with a legacy of journalism and ask them to look at your topic from a new angle – chances are, they’ll uncover stories you never knew you could tell.