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Chris Schreiber CMO Brandcast

Top 5 Web Marketing Trends for Brands in 2019

-Mobile Comes First
There’s no way around it—your marketing and sales content will be accessed on mobile and it needs to look good. A Google study showed that 61% of users said that if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site, they’d quickly move on to another site. If your business’ content isn’t optimized to be consumed on a phone or tablet, your digital strategy is dead in the water.

-Prioritize Original Web Design
Your company is not like any other (well...hopefully). Your brand should reflect your individuality, and that means not settling for web templates when you can avoid it. Push your digital team to create unique templates for your marketing and sales web content to help you stand out in a sea of cookie-cutter websites. 59 percent of global consumers responded to an Adobe survey saying when they had only 15 minutes to consume content, they craved beautiful design over simplicity.

-Transformation Starts with Better Collaboration
Econsultancy 2018 Digital Trends reports, “organizations with a cross-team approach are nearly twice as likely to have exceeded their top 2017 business goal.” The question is: how is such a cross-team approach achieved? A team can’t just have a collaborative culture—they need to utilize technology that optimizes efficient workflows.

-Webify Everything: Ditch the Download,Cut the Clicks
Users don’t want to navigate convoluted downloads and endless page views, especially on mobile. A recent report by World Bank confirmed the theory that PDF downloads are largely ignored—nearly a third of them had zero downloads. The lesson? Webify everything, and offer the path of least resistance.

-Customize the Customer Journey
Adobe and Econsultancy reported that the top-performing companies are 50% more likely than their peers to have “well-designed user journeys that facilitate clear communication and seamless traction.” Companies with the ability to efficiently manage the myriad digital experiences drive better business results, infuse more creativity into their web presence, and reduce the complexity of digital brand management.

About Brandcast:
Brandcast is a cloud-based technology platform built for enterprises to create and manage large portfolios of personalized websites. Brandcast’s technology allows digital teams to execute the entire website workflow - prototyping, design, content editing, and site management - from a single, cloud-based platform. Based in San Francisco, Brandcast is backed by Marc Benioff, TPG Growth-backed Affinity Group, Shasta Ventures, Buchanan Investments, and Correlation Partners. Brandcast’s mission is to accelerate digital transformation by revolutionizing how organizations create and manage digital experiences for their most valued audiences. For more information, visit www.brandcast.com