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Chris Kopyar Senior Account Manager Movable Ink

How Can Live Polling be used to Personalize and Increase Engagement?

In terms of return on investment (ROI) in marketing dollars, email is still the gold standard. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average ROI is $44.25. And what’s more interesting is when you add contextual marketing capability into the mix, that number can more than double.


Contextual marketing is about using approaches that bring highly specific, relevant content to your readers in order to increase engagement.


Gamify your emails to boost engagement

One of the most effective methods for engaging readers is to use live polling in your email campaigns. Live polling is a form of gamification that lets marketers engage readers with polls, and can lead to a 100%-150% increase in engagement metrics, according to M2 Research.


Implementing a live poll achieves two aims:

  1. Engages readers through fun, game-like interactions.
  2. Feeds data to you about the particular interests of your subscribers enabling you to:
    1. Understand them better 
    2. Deliver more relevant content 
    3. Drive significantly higher engagement in your campaigns.


Ticketmaster VMA Awards Poll

Leading up to the Video Music Awards, Ticketmaster implemented a live poll asking readers to vote in each of the main categories from best male and female video to best rock video and more right up to video of the year.


The result was an unequivocal success including a lift in average open rate of 182 percent, a zero percent unsubscribe rate and 80 percent of readers returning to the email to cast a second vote.



Banana Republic Multi-Tier Poll

Clothing retailer, Banana Republic raised the stakes on their live poll by combining a web cropped Spotify playlist with an assortment of “looks” to engage their readers, asking them which of the looks best matched the selected playlist.


This particular campaign raised the stakes even more by continually updating live results which encouraged readers to return over and over and tune into which looks were winning.


The experience was designed to give readers a fun way of engaging with the content, all the while, providing Banana Republic a deeper view of their customers. Follow up email s included insights gained from tracking user preference on click. As a result, later campaigns delivered more of what readers identified as their preferences by vote.


Context is king in email

There is a significant benefit to embracing contextual marketing in your email program. Email remains one of the most effective marketing channels by any measure, but if you engage with gamification features and introduce a more personalized approach utilizing progressive profiling that enables you to know your subscribers better over time, you could see a major boost in your engagement metrics and possibly even a doubling of your ROI.