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Ryan Phelan Vice President, Marketing Insights Adestra

Using ‘next logical product’ triggers for increased email success

dominoes-triggers-378x300.jpgAs consumers, we live in a real-time world. We have the technology to access the information we need, when and where we want it, and the “when” is usually “now.” 

This access to real-time information produces a lot of data that companies can use in order to target and market to us more accurately, gain better insights and help them plan more effectively. It also helps them to improve their messaging to customers.

One use I particularly like is triggering emails that respond to customer actions like visiting a website or browsing a product page. Responding to these signals in real-time helps companies capitalize on behavior and move customers closer to a conversion.

Triggered and transactional emails can account for 50 percent or more of email revenue in a year. So they’re definitely worth your time to investigate and add to your email program.

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