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York Woodford-Smith Company Director Five on a Bike

What questions should marketers ask when creating video content?

Corporate Video production comes in many shapes and sizes from filming interviews, general views, infographics, motion typography, animation and stock footage, however how do you know what works best for your business?

Producing video content doesn’t always need to be complicated, and this ‘How To’ guide will help teach you in a few simple steps.

Video is a very powerful tool if it is used correctly, however there are different ways video can be used and presented. Through asking yourself a few simple questions, you will be able to understand what exactly you are trying to achieve.

Firstly ask yourself, what is your video for?

Before commissioning a video, understanding the concept behind your video will help you build an investment case and measure return on investment. Through understanding who you are targeting and what content needs to be used, this will give you a head start.

Here is a list of a few things you can do with your video:

  • Increase sales
  • Upsell products
  • Increase engagement on social and web
  • Build on your audience
  • Entertain customers
  • Convert leads
  • Inform investors

Now ask yourself, what type of video do you want?

Five on a Bike have categorised video into three different types:

  • Internal Communications
  • Event Filming
  • Marketing & Promotion

Do your staff care like your customers do?

Using video for internal communications is a great tool to help communicate information effectively with your staff. This is because it can be more measurable and more personal which will help engage staff and costs less than you think.

Do you want to create an event that can be shared again and again?

A well-planned high quality event film will dramatically increase the value you create from your conference, expo or speaker event and allow the opportunity to share the event on many platforms e.g. on your website and through real-time webcasting.

How are you going to use your video? 

Whether you want to produce a video on a web page, in an email marketing campaign, on screens in your offices or on social media, different versions of video are created for different platforms, however the major difference is the way the overall production looks. 

What video tools do you want? 

Different tools of video production are used to create a video, categorised into:

  • Interviews
  • Motion graphics and typography
  • General Views
  • Animations
  • Presenters
  • Stock Footage 

How do you understand what level of tool you need?

This comes down to a combination of;

  • Your understanding of the process and what each person does within their roles
  • Your gut instinct in terms of how your brand wants to be represented
  • How engaging you want the video to be

What next?

Once you know your answers to these questions, the process of commissioning a video company to create the content takes place.

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