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Crystal Duncan Senior Account Supervisor, Influencer Marketing Edelman Digital

The Who of Influencer Marketing

Many people think influencer marketing is a new trend thought up by marketers to get their message in front of the social media-savvy Millennial and Gen Z generations. While influencer marketing is definitely one of the hottest new trends, it is by no means new. Word-of-mouth marketing, which is what influencer marketing is at its core, has been around for years, but the science behind how we put together strategic campaigns has certainly changed and evolved.

There is no question that working with celebrities or internet stars is something that appeals to many marketers because of the talent’s name recognition or large fan base, but when planning out an influencer strategy, it’s important to get a mix of voices talking about your campaign. Leveraging a top-tier star to serve as spokesperson or anchor of the program is great, but then also enlist some smaller micro or mid-level influencers to amplify your messaging, provide it with validity, and help drive engagements with consumers.

The question we most often get asked is: How do you figure out who specifically to enlist as an influencer?

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