Introducing Masterclassing Workshop Week

Masterclassing is launching an intensive three-day program of Masterclassing Workshops. Our partners will deliver a total of 18 Workshop sessions over three days, running in two streams each day.

Each session runs for 45 minutes, and will consist of a presentation from one of our digital expert partners, followed by a discussion around the key themes of the presentation. Delegate places are open to UK-based senior brand marketers, who can register for as many sessions as they like. To facilitate animated discussion, places are limited to 20 people per session. So, please check out the full list below and head to the website for more details of each session, and to register for it.

Masterclassing Workshops Schedule

Tuesday 17 November:

09.00am – Creating Brilliant Customer Experiences At Every Lifecycle Stage. Host: Braze.

09.00am – Customer Rhythm and Engagement. Host: Optimove.

10.15am – A Proven Process For Better Digital PR Campaign Ideas. Host: Digitaloft.

10.15am – Fight for Your Facts: The Impact of Accurate Data in Search. Host: Yext.

11.30am – Why Standard Attribution Solutions Do Not Work. Host: QueryClick.

11.30am – Using 1st Party Data to Supercharge Your Marketing. Host: Mapp Digital

Wednesday 18 November:

09.00am – Personalisation for Today’s Omnichannel Consumer. Host: Cheetah Digital.

09.00am – Email Marketing: You are Measuring it Wrong! Host: Mapp Digital.

10.15am – Uncovering Audience Insights with Language Comparison. Host: Relative Insight.

10.15am – Reducing Cannibalised Budget Wastage in Paid Search to Improve your ROI. Host: QueryClick.

11.30am – Closing the online to offline gap using AI. Host: eSales Hub.

Thursday 19 November:

09.00am – Smart CRM Fundamentals. Host: Optimove.

10.15am – You Are Sitting On A Data Goldmine. Host: Relative Insight.

10.15am – Say Hello to the “Offline Cookie”. Host: Mapp Digital.

11.30am – Improving SEO ROI through page speed optimisation. Host: QueryClick.

11.30am – 7 Key Considerations for Paid Social in 2021. Host: TRGT Digital.

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